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GMA Gisele's Mashup Adventures created by Gisele Corinthios and Michelle Melanson
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What happens when you mash together...

A farm, blue paint, and a slug?

A dinosaur,  a dentist, and a glass of water?

A tiger, a mop, and a swimming pool?

You get a Mashup of wacky, wonderful, fantastical adventure!


GMA Gisele's Mashup Adventures Mashup machine, Gisele, Addison
GMA Gisele's Mashup Adventures official logo



Gisele’s Mashup Adventures is an upper preschool animated series where each 3-minute episode is inspired by the creative juices of children from across Canada. Through our kids' "writing room" - improvised virtual chats with children ages 6-9 from diverse cultures and backgrounds - we curate tons of playful ideas from the instant, free-flowing use of each child's imagination and bring them here, to Gisele's Mashup Adventures!

In each episode, you are invited to a fantastical world through the infinite possibilities of animation. When Gisele’s Mashup Mixer is fed a curated collection of the child’s "keywords", the machine whirs, stirs, pips, pops, concocts and transports Gisele and the child on a silly, hilarious and magical adventure! Like Dorothy and Toto, the duo land in a world where anything is possible. They may be led by a whale along a tightrope, go on an underwater safari, or get greeted by a dinosaur dentist!

Alas, as with every world, there are challenges but fortunately, with a little creativity and a lot of imagination, the featured child and Gisele work together to resolve whatever issue they may face! 



GMA Gisele's Mashup Adventures Gisele animated character


"Mix and mash, and away in a flash!"

Gisele is a trendsetter for silliness and the biggest fan of going to a wonderfully wacky world and having an unexpected Mashup adventure with you! 



"Cookie, Deer, Earring"

are Addison's 3 words. What adventure awaits her ahead?

GMA Gisele's Mashup Adventures Brandon animated character


"Spaceship, Sloth, Pineapple" are Brandon's 3 words. Can you guess what kind of world he will land in?



"Pizza, Train, Dinosaur"

are 3 words from Luke. I wonder where the Mashup Mixer will take him...



"Whale, Egypt, Seashell"

are 3 words from Nendia. They don't seem to match, which makes the awaited adventure even more exciting!



"Skis, Snowman, Hoop"

are 3 words inspired by Skye. Can you guess what challenge she will face?



"Button, Water, Vine" 

are 3 words inspired by Graham. Don't they make you curious on what world the duo will land in?



"Penguin, Pumpkin, Rollercoaster" are Hugo's 3 words. They sound promising, don't they?



"Island, Elves, Baseball"

are Michaela's 3 words. So excitingly curious on where the Mashup Mixer will take them!



"Magnets, Elephant, Fort"

are 3 words from Kaia. Let's make a wild guess on what the adventure will be like!



"Campsite, Cheese, Unicorn"

are 3 words from Eliot. The adventure awaits!

Educational curriculum

Gisele’s Mashup Adventures is a delightful preschool series that focuses on literacy and personal and social development. Directly in line developmentally for the target age group, this series connects with the fundamentals of literacy such as word recognition and storytelling and encourages language
development in a fun and meaningful way.

The storyline of each episode is inspired by real children in the target age who, through conversation and encouragement, selected three words that were used as the starting blocks for a zany and exciting child-driven Mashup Adventure.

From the age-appropriate pacing to the humour, and from the dialogue to the animation and colour palette, Gisele’s Mashup Adventures will engage, entertain, and amuse preschoolers of all backgrounds and genders.

When children make up stories, they foster their creativity, feed their imagination, and make strong and important connections for their language development. They learn how to explore sequencing, cause and effect and display empathy. Through storytelling, young children gain the language to understand and process their emotions, hone perspective-taking and learn how to problem solve.

From a literacy lens, Gisele’s Mashup Adventures connects with word recognition, vocabulary building, using descriptive language to explain, explore and extend, retelling stories and increasing creativity and imagination through the process of storytelling.

From a social and emotional development lens, this series connects with conflict resolution and social problem-solving skills and focuses on empathy and perspective-taking.

Educational curriculum
Colouring pages

Colouring pages


Literacy Activities

The literacy activities found in Gisele's Mashup Adventures area for grown-ups, help preschoolers strengthen all their literacy skills. There are many integral components of literacy for young developing minds, including learning about sounds, words and language, and can be supported through communicating with children by reading, writing, listening and word-play.

Children develop and learn best through everyday fun activities, where literacy is woven in, thus helping them develop a rich vocabulary, a keener sense of self-expression, and strengthen reading comprehension skills—tools they need to become successful readers, creative writers and lifelong learners.


The following activities will be most impactful for the child when explored with a grown-up. It is intended that the grown-up will be guiding the child through the activities and doing the activities with the child as a creative, collaborative team.

How to download

  • Use the "Download all" button below, or

  • Click on each activity and choose "Go to link" at the bottom

Literacy activities
Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Screenshot 2022-08-01 173611.png

Gisele Corinthios | Co-creator & Star

For 18 years Gisele Corinthios was the host and producer of the beloved Ontario, Canada, multi Award-winning preschool morning series TVOKIDS’ Gisele’s Big Backyard (formerly The Nook). Utilizing her many years of experience as a performer, writer and producer, Gisele currently develops her own shows for her to continue her passion for entertaining and educating young children. Gisele is Mama to her 3 biological kids and is over the moon to be reunited with thousands of other children that grew up with her via social media! 


Michelle Melanson | Co-creator & Executive producer

Emmy and Bafta Nominated, Michelle has over 25 years of experience in the production business with hundreds of episodes produced and over 50 awards and nominations. Michelle has won the Canadian Screen award, the Grand Prize of the Youth Media Alliance, multiple Kidscreen Awards and Cynopsis Awards. She also has a Juno Award for producing the Stella and Sam Album. She was inducted into the RTA Alumni Wall of Fame and in 2021 received the Youth Media Alliance Outstanding Achievement Award.
Michelle is the Founder of Women Drawn Together-a free organization that fosters learning, networking and mentorship for Women in the Animation community. In the past five years, the group has grown to 5 cities and over 1800 members.


Stacie Goldin | Educational consultant

Having worked with children since the age of 13, Stacie Goldin eventually received her B.Ed. (York University, 1995), and has taught preschool through grade 5, taught Child Development at Centennial College and worked as an online Educational Director/Curriculum Consultant for KaBoom Entertainment, VectorSpark and Nelson Education. From 2002-2015 Stacie was the in-house Educational Consultant for TVOKids, working with the preschool/school-age broadcast and digital teams to create engaging, exciting, age-appropriate, curriculum-connected content. Currently freelancing as an education and curriculum consultant, Stacie has consulted for CBC Kids, Nick Jr., Disney Jr., Nelvana, WildBrain, Industrial Brothers, Secret Location, Big Jump and Lambur Productions. When not consulting, Stacie works as a social media content creator, teaches yoga and volunteers at an organic vegetable farm.

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