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The Gisele Mashup is a safe YouTube channel that engages children to learn through educational segments that are revised and supported by educational consultant, Stacie Goldin.

Stacie has a background in all things related to educating young children. Having taught kids 2-13 years old in the classroom and being an educational consultant for all different kinds of kids' media for over 20 years, Stacie knows how kids learn best.


“The best thing we can do for our children is instill a love of lifelong learning. What better way to do this than by teaching kids in a way in which they can relate to that is fun and engaging. The Gisele Mashup does exactly that.”


Parents and caregivers are encouraged to watch alongside their children to help support the educational messages within the segments.

Stacie Goldin

Educational Consultant


Julie Patterson Porter is a Director with The Gisele Mashup. In 20+ years in children's television, she was a successful children's Host, Producer and Director for Ontario's Educational Broadcaster and most recently YTV. Julie is thrilled and excited to be working creatively with The Gisele Mashup.

Julie Patterson Porter


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