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About Gisele

She’s back!


For 18 years, Gisele  Corinthios was the Host and Producer of the beloved multi-award winning, preschool morning series, Gisele's Big Backyard (formerly The Nook).


Her top-rated educational show featured guests including The Wiggles, The Barenaked Ladies, Steve from Blues Clues, Hi-5, David Suzuki and Sarah Harmer.

Gisele_s Big Backyard.jpg

Gisele’s love of children and educational entertainment continues to fuel her soul. She has poured her heart into creating The Gisele  Mashup YouTube videos where young children can laugh and learn. 


Gisele lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and her 3 children, who are all kind to share their toys for The Gisele Mashup.

About Gisele's Mashup Adventures

Gisele’s Mashup Adventures is a spinoff series from The Gisele Mashup, where we are invited to a fantastical world through the infinite possibilities of animation.


Gisele’s Mashup Adventures supersizes the imagination, reminding children that there is always fun to be had with the power of creativity.


Co-created and produced by Headspinner Productions,

Gisele's Mashup Adventures is coming to you February 2023!


Dizzy G


1 2 3 Let’s count with Dizzy G, 4 5 6 add a rap to the mix! Kids learn the relation of objects with number identification. (Math, Number Sense, One-to-one correspondence)




Always on the hunt for food, Grub discovers items that pique her curiosity. With the help from an information device, Oog, Grub learns about the world around her. (STEM, technology, using technology for research)

G expressive.JPG

Alphabook Box


On a stroll in her neighborhood, Gisele retrieves a book from a Book Box, then finds objects that begin with alphabet phonics. (Language, Letter Recognition, Phonics)

The Gisele Mashup Segments

Let’s Move!


Gisele encourages kids to get moving at home and when they are out and about.

(Health and Physical Education, movement)

Fam 6.JPG

The Fam and Friends


The Fam have their challenges and work together to problem-solve. (Personal and social development)

Mantelpiece masterpiece1.HEIC

Gisele’s Puppet Pal


Gisele’s puppet pal has a lot of worries. Together they talk about feelings.


Art Smart


Stick! Splat! Swirl! Swoosh! Chomp! Gisele creates because arts'n crafts ‘n kids make the world a better place. (Creating visual art using different media)

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